Halogen Profiles


The first and the only Zoom Profile Spotlight with Ring Control!

Warp is the only zoom profile spotlight with ring control. It features revolutionary finger-tip control of all shutters, gobos & iris, zoom & focus settings – from any position around the spotlight.
It utilises an 800 W axial lamp, and produces light output higher than a conventional 1200 W profile spotlight. Combined with a dichroic glass reflector, both the gate temperature and light beam temperature are low.

• Conventional shutters replaced by 4 integrated blades, each with 360° endless rotation capability… to extend the limits of your creativity
• Accurate fingertip control from any position around the spotlight
• Stable settings, non sensitive to vibrations
• Scale markings on the rings for presetting parameters before rigging

Main Features

  • 12°-30° and 22°-50° versions.
  • 800 W halogen axial lamp, 230 V, 3200 °K, G9.5.
  • Light output higher than with a 1200 W conventional profile.
  • Dichroic glass reflector for low gate and beam temperature.
  • B size gate for maximum gobo definition.
  • Innovative ring control of focus, zoom, iris, gobo and shutters.
  • Individual 360° rotation of shutters and gobos.
  • Access to all controls from any position around the spotlight.
  • Independent lamp position and spot / even adjustments.
  • Holder for one iris diaphragm + one 360° rotating gobo (or two gobos without iris).
  • Stepless yoke positioning along the spotlight for balance adjustment.
  • Innovative, compact, robust, ergonomic design.

Supplied with:

• 1 metal filter frame (185 x 185 mm)


WARP/12-30: 748 x 379 x 495 mm
Weight : 11,5kg
WARP/22-50: 655 x 379 x 495 mm
Weight : 11kg

• dichroic glass reflector

• 2 zoom lenses with anti-reflection coating

• patented ring control of all functions

• G 9.5 lampholder for axial lamp 800 W/230 V

• 1.6 m power supply cable without plug