Multi-Purpose Luminaires



The SVOBODA, lighting batten was designed by the famous scenographer Josef Svoboda, in cooperation with the lighting specialists of ADB. Svoboda had long been looking for an unusual way of creating dramatic scenery using light only. The result is the SVOBODA, a 2250 W or 2500 W batten made of nine or ten 24 V lamps, delivering a very bright and quasi parallel light beam, the “Light Curtain”. Used as backlighting, cascade or full-on frontal, the SVOBODA provides unique lighting, soft and yet intense at the same time, creating an atmosphere in a class of its own.


• Highlights the action on stage
• Dramatises the actors’ expression
• Creates ethereal scenery
• Isolates areas on the stage
• Modifies the volumes by creating “lightscreens”
• Communicates sublimated concepts

Earth connection provided. Usable with gel filters.
Motorized yoke is available upon request

• HT 2500 (10 lamps) for 110 V / 120 V power supply
• HT 2251 ( 9 lamps) for 230 V power supply

Dimensions: 1001 x 436 x 190 mm
Weight: 16.3 Kg (without lamps) – 17.1 Kg (with lamps)