ORKIS Fresnel-Pebble (6-colors HCR)

High quality white light and colors, silent operation, and versatility at your service

The ORKIS is ADB’s new color LED fresnel or pebble luminaire, which brings the modernity of innovative technology to the stage in a simple, versatile, heavy duty unit.
Its CRI remains stable at values of at least 97 thanks to a modern 6-color LED system and advanced software.
The Orkis’s performance really comes into its own in color production: the color range obtainable is very wide, and every shade can truly be achieved.
It faithfully reproduces the behaviour of a halogen light, making it compatible with various different light sources.
The Orkis is also an extraordinary variable white LED unit, from 8000K to 2500K: the white light it produces is extremely pure since it combines six colors, and the CRI is unaltered when the color temperature changes.
Its flexibility of use is remarkable: the fresnel version produces a flood light up to an angle of 87° (field angle), or a spot light with an angle of 15° (beam angle). Variation is continuous, smooth and linear within this range.
Alternatively, the Orkis can be modified into a Pebble luminaire, by changing the lens with the related accessory or vice-versa.
A W-DMX wireless control version of Orkis Fresnel is available.
Modern, technologically advanced, versatile and extremely quiet, the Orkis can deliver high quality light in many applications: a complete solution for your rig.



Power Supply: 90 – 260 V 50/60 Hz

• Light source: 6-Color LED (Red, Green, Blue, Amber, Cyan, Lime)
• CRI: 97 at any color temperature
• Color temperature range: 2500K – 8000K
• Motorized zoom
• Fresnel lens:
– Beam angle: 15° to 54°
– Field angle: 22° to 87°
• Pebble lens:
– Beam angle: 15° to 56°
– Field angle: 26° to 80°

• Control modes: DMX 512, RDM, ArtNET
• W-DMX wireless control version available
• Local control: Zoom, Intensity, CTO, Green-Magenta adjustment
• 16-bit ultra-smooth dimming
• IHM: color touch-screen & 3 push encoders
• Color control modes: Hue Saturation, RGB, CMY

• Aluminium & metal die-cast housing
• Color: black
• Standard accessories:
– Metal filter frame 215 x 215 mm
– Neutrik PowerCON TRUE1 1.5 m power cable, bare ends
• Optional accessories:
-8 leaves barndoors 215 x 215 mm

9 Kg (19.85 lbs)

Fresnel Lens 3 200 K
narrow beam 2 375 lux à 5 m
wide beam 305 lux à 5 m

Pebble Lens 3 200 K
narrow beam 1 668 lux à 5 m
wide beam 280 lux à 5 m