ORKIS Profile (6-colors HCR)

Six-colour LED luminaire with interchangeable optical units. The advanced technology dedicated to stage lighting.

The new ORKIS PROFILE based on the 6-colour HCR technology has been designed to meet the needs of the most demanding lighting designers in terms of dimming, colour mixing, variable white, beam uniformity and light quality. It is fully compatible with the Orkis Fresnel, the Oksalis and the Klemantis, both in terms of colorimetry and colour control.

The Orkis Profile features zoom optics consisting of a double lens combined with a single lens to prevent field distortion and chromatic aberrations. These lenses have a special anti-reflective coating, which ensures extremely high light output, uniform light distribution and perfect sharpness.

The luminaire has a 4-shutter framing system and is designed to work with up to 6 shutters on three focal planes when necessary. All the blades have an anti-reflective coating. After adjustment, the shutters can be positioned in place thanks to a special locking system.

The two zoom units, 12-30° and 22-50°, can be simply swapped in a few seconds thanks to the unique “Fast Optical Mount” system. It can be done easily with the luminaire in any position.  This unique system allows rotating the zoom, along with shutters and gobo, freely and completely.

You may adjust the zoom and focus lenses freely and smoothly, from one side, while the luminaire is in any position, thus giving you highly precise control over the light beam.  A graduated scale on the side along the tube allows you setting precisely the zoom and focus positions.

The body of the Orkis Profile is equipped with two guide rails which allow you to reposition the yoke to suit different situations. The special curved shape of the yoke means the profile may be used hung or on the floor without interfering the shutters setting. Its locking system is quick and practical thanks to the single adjustable handle.


Power Supply: 90 – 260 V 50/60 Hz

Max Consumption: 300 W

«Flicker Free» with PWM frequency adjustment (1-50 KHz)

Light Source: 6-Color LED (Red, Green, Blue, Amber Cyan, Lime)

CRI: 97 at any color temperature

Color temperature range: 2500K – 8 000K

Zoom 12°-30°, interchangeable

Zoom 22°-50°, interchangeable

Control Modes: DMX 512, ArtNET, sACN, RDM

Local control: Hue, Saturation, Intensity, CTO, Green-Magenta adjustment

16-bit ultra-smooth dimming

Interface: color touch screen and 3 pushbutton encoders

Color control modes: HSI, RGB, CMY

Aluminum and metal die-cast housing

Interchangeable Zoom optics

360° Zoom rotation

Possibility to use 6 shutters simultaneously

Innovative shutter locking system

Body color: black

Standard accessory:

– Neutrik PowerCON TRUE1 1.5m power cable, bare ends

Optional accessories:

– Adjustable internal diffuser

– Gobo holder (B-size Gobo)

– Iris