MIKADO (discontinued Feb 2018)

Main Features

  • 12 faders in 2-preset mode or 24 faders in extended mode, each with flash button and LED indicator.
  • 3 pages of memories with 12 submaster faders per page = 36 memories.
  • A submaster can be either a memory or a chaser and up to 13 memories/ chasers can run simultaneously.
  • 3 preset masters – A preset, B preset and grab.
  • Add/Solo button with flash level master.
  • Edit and preview of stored memories with channel level indicators.
  • Manual and automatic dipless crossfade.
  • Speed control of chasers.
  • Chaser effects including Start/Stop/Step, random, bounce, single shot, forward/reverse direction, delete/add steps.
  • Audio input with bass effect for chasers and audio level adjustment.


Mains Input: Standard power supply connector type IEC320 – C14, with a M205/500 mA fuse.
Audio Input: RCA (phono) type socket to accept an audio signal. Which should have a nominal level of 1 V RMS (line level).
Comms Port:
DE09-S connector to accept an optional external memory module and to upload software.
DMX: DMX512/1990 output connector (type XLR-5F)
Remote: 1/4″ mono jack (EXT TRIG) for connecting contact closure type devices (such as a footswitch) to remotely advance the steps of a chaser

Width x Depth x Height: 438 x 346 x 104 mm
Net weight : 5 kg
Gross weight : 7 kg.

Power Supply : 230 V +/- 10% – 50/60 Hz