KLEMANTIS (6-colors HCR)

The cyc light with state-of-the-art LED technology, featuring a stable CRI of over 97

The new ADB KLEMANTIS HCR is an asymmetric cyc light based on a six-colour LED module, which uses cutting-edge HCR (High Color Rendering) LED technology to deliver a wide selection of colors from bold hues to pastel shades. Thanks to an innovative algorithm, the unit is capable of achieving a stable CRI of over 97, as well as an impressive tunable white light ranging from 2500K to 8000K.
Its light output is enhanced by an innovative optical system, which enables the Klemantis to generate a uniform light with excellent diffusion and perfectly blended colors.
The KLEMANTIS HCR units form a family of fixtures which are designed to be used in linear arrays. They can be used horizontally, vertically, laid on the floor, or hung from above on a bar.
Unlike any other product on the market, the KLEMANTIS HCR can be installed up to 60 cm from the cyclorama. It features an integrated wireless DMX system as standard.
The Klemantis is a creative tool designed to meet today’s lighting design needs. Its unique features and the unit’s design reinvent the cyclorama concept, making it the perfect choice for any professional application.

Video Tutorials: Installation | Quick Start


• Beam type: asymmetric flood
• Very high CRI >97 throughout the entire CCT (up to 99)
• Tunable white ranging from 2500K to 8000K, with perfect CCT
• Tungsten mode, to replicate the behavior of a tungsten lamp during dimming from 0 to 100% and vice versa, including color temperature adjustment
• Tint correction: +/- green/magenta adjustments
• 16-bit ultra-smooth dimming, with different dimming curves available
• Exclusive LED module featuring six colors: Red + Green + Blue + Cyan + Amber + Lime
• Wide color gamut and extended spectrum, including deep blue and deep red
• Smooth color transition through different time, cross-fade and path options, and a gamma correction system
• Color control: hue saturation luminosity (HSL), CMY, RGB and RAW modes fully exploit the potential of the six-color system; wide selection of Digital filters (Color macros) which reproduce the spectrum of gel filters with tungsten bulbs
• High color stability and accuracy, also in tungsten mode, thanks to a high resolution driver
• Color consistency over time and temperature changes, thanks to combined fixture calibration and a LED ageing compensation algorithm
• Fixture to fixture color repeatability, thanks to tight wavelength binning selection and 100% fixture calibration
• Max power consumption: 250W
• Control protocols: DMX512, RDM, ArtNet, sACN
• Integrated wireless DMX system as standard.
• Flicker-free, thanks to PWM frequency adjustment from 1 KHz to 50 KHz (10 Hz steps)
• LED cooling by natural convection

LxWxH (mm): 1000 x 271 x 196

Weight: 15.9 kg (35.0 lbs.)