Wall Mountable Cabinets


High Performance Thyristor Dimmer Racks for Professional Applications including DimSwitch function

Designed for professional applications in stage, TV studio and architectural lighting, whenever high performance, flexibility and reliability are the prime considerations, the new EURORACK 60 DIMSWITCH offers not only the dimming of generic lighting, but also the electronic switching of any special load such as HMI ballasts or electronic equipment. A choice of various RCD ground fault detection systems is available to comply with various safety standards.

The versatility of ADB wall mount dimmers makes them suitable for virtually any venue – from schools and churches, to theatres, clubs and even larger professional venues, whenever a permanent lighting system is required.

Wall mount dimmers with their local memories, provide also an integrated solution for architectural applications such as conference rooms, reception areas, exterior lighting, sound-and-light shows. Local memories and DMX control can be combined, so that a EURORACK 60 DIMSWITCH can be shared between the stage and the foyer, or the houselights.


  • 5-key keypad,12-character LED display and user-friendly scrolling menu for easy access to all dimmer functions.
  • Menu with different levels of access for different levels of users, protected against tampering.
  • 10 user-selectable dimmer laws: linear r.m.s voltage, linear r.m.s to 120 V, TV laws (BBC, TV1, TV2), DimSwitch, fluorescent, linear r.m.s voltage with preheating, square law.
  • Voltage reduction factor for extended lamp life or variable load cable length compensation.
  • Professional grade filtering (200 ┬Ás rise time).
  • 4000-step fade resolution, for noticeably smoother fades.
  • Global or individual programming of dimmer law,patching, voltage reduction factor and smoothing.
  • Creation and storage of 20 lighting cues (19 + Priority) each with fade and wait times, for back-up cues, architectural lighting, or stand-alone operation.
  • Memories set by recording DMX levels or via the menu.
  • After loss of DMX data: maintain last levels, or wait and fade to a memory or wait and fade to black.
  • All programmed data saved for unlimited time.
  • New DimSwitch technology, allowing control of circuit function: either dimming or Solid State Relay, with all the advantages of electronic switching.