Modular Dimmers Cabinets


Twin Tech from ADB is a new generation of professional installation dimmers using cost effective Thyristor Technology with its proven track record, now featured in the versatile DimSwitch module.
The innovative EURODIM Twin Tech concept allows for plug-in modules of any type or rating to be freely mixed and moved in any configuration within a universal cabinet. Modules are instantly recognised by the automatic
module identification function in the cabinet’s central electronics. This represents the ultimate in flexibility.
For example, it allows empty cabinets to be installed on site, while the modules can be specified and plugged in later.
Best of all, EURODIM Twin Tech offers the exciting benefits of ADB’s pioneering DimSwitch technology.

One standard cabinet. No specific configuration of module places required. The cabinet fits all applications. Even if the final dimmer circuit layout has not been yet defined when you have to start installation, you can already order your cabinets. The system is future proof. You can “add-on” more circuits later. Just order additional dimmer modules, put them in the cabinet, and plug and play!

State-of-the-Art Diagnostic and Reporting Functions

Dimmer reporting, diagnostics and management are available either on the local user interface of the dimmer cabinet, via our optional ADB dimmer management software: RDM Dimmer Manager or through RDM over ArtNet.
RDM Dimmer Manager and HATHOR lighting software allow for comfortable and easy system wide configuration and diagnostic status reporting with a networked PC running on a Windows Operating System or within LIBERTY and FREEDOM, (OS and suitable PC are not supplied by ADB).

Cabinet status with:

  • Up to 300 LED indicators for status information of power supply and data.
  • Clear text messages on human interface indicating e.g. missing supply phase, loss of control signals, CPU failure, fan failure, ambient over temperature.

Sequential diagnostics (optional hardware to be separately ordered)
The sequential diagnostics is a pre-show test routine for circuit statuts reporting and is available with all standard modules.

  • Value of dimmer load (kW).
  • Deviation from a reference load.
  • No load and overload warning.
  • Short circuit.

Full diagnostic modules (optional, exclusively with suitable full diagnostic modules)

  • Dimmer protection tripped warning.
  • Overload and no-load warning.
  • Thyristor defect warning.


  • 2 identical control electronics/power supply slots.
  • 32 power module slots for up to 128 channels.
  • Busbar with 32 HRC fuses for individual module protection.
  • Optimized airflow system separated from all cabling.
  • Output terminals for 10 mm2 wiring (for other cable dimensions, contact ADB).
  • >I/O card with individual DMX and Ethernet connection (ArtNet, sACN, RDM) per Control Processor.
  • Local touch screen human interface for configuration.
  • Thyristor modules with min. 800 µs, 400 µs or 200 µs rise time.
  • DimSwitch modules
  • Fluo modules with additional preheat function.
  • Direct feed-through (non-dim) modules with MCB protection.
  • Blank modules.
  • Standard MCB 1P+N protection per circuit.
  • Economical RCD per module protection.
  • RCD per circuit protection meets highest safety standards.
  • 5 control inputs (2 x DMX512/3 x ArtNet-sACN) with priority level and priority rule.
  • 10 different dimmer laws available (6 user- configurable).
  • Response time.
  • Preheat function.
  • 80 cues + 1 priority cue for individual programming.
  • Individual failure rule per circuit in case of data loss (hold, fade to black or fade to cue).
  • System wide configuration and diagnostic status reporting with network PC.