Led Profiles

ALS 150 D30-47 (discontinued Feb 2018)

The ALS-150 range offers three types of powerful LED luminaires (180 W), available in three different color temperatures (Warm – Neutral – Cold):

  • Zoom Profile with condenser 18°-38°;
  • Zoom Profile with condenser 30°-47°.

These silent and very compact spotlights are powered by a separated flicker-free electronic ballast. It will be very easy to install those luminaires in small and medium size venues. Epoxy painted black for theatre or TV studios, it will be easy to integrate them in scenery with the electronic ballast positioned directly on the floor. For conference centres, the ALS-150 white version will represent the ideal, elegant with the possibility to install the electronic ballast above the suspended celling.

Being fully RDM compliant allows for the luminaire’s parameters such as the DMX address, the dimming curve or the DMX mode to be set remotely. Furthermore, a physical potentiometer located on the front panel of the ballast will allow control of the intensity at any time. With a very consistent beam, and a powerful light output similar to a 650 W halogen luminaire, the new ALS-150 range will fit naturally in environments like architectural lighting and museography as well as in production lighting for entertainment and TV. It is obvious that the general power consumption and the maintenance costs will be drastically decreased, whilst increasing the safety conditions (no lamp issues).


Supplied with:

  • 1 metal filter frame (125 x 125 mm).
  • 4 beam shapping shutters.
  • Electronic Ballast.

Luminaire & Ballast Size:
270 x 225 x 585 mm.

Luminaire & Ballast Weigth:
8,5 kg.


  • Three types of luminaire: Fresnel, 18-38° Zoom profile and 30-47° Zoom profile.
  • Three color temperature options:
    • 3000 K CRI > 80;
    • 4000 K CRI > 90;
    • 6500 K CRI > 80.
  • DMX 512 & RDM.
  • Smooth dimming, 8 & 16 Bits.
  • Stroboscope feature.
  • Silent, temperature controlled, cooling fan.

The ALS-150 electronic ballast is flicker-free and RDM. Its removable fixing system allows coupling the yoke and the ballast, and on the other side, two M10 inserts allow fixing of A6 type hook clamps. It is provided with two galvanic isolated DMX In- and Output connections (XLR5-pol) as well as two Powercon® supply connectors in and out, for daisy chain of up to 15 luminaires.

  • Local control of the light output via a physical potentiometer.
  • Power supply: 100 V – 240 V +/- 5% – 50/60 Hz.
  • Supply Protection: fuse 5×20 mm, 4 A / 250 V.
  • Cable attached to luminaire connected to the electronic ballast via multipoint connector.
  • 3,50 m specific extension cable available as an accessory and allowing to remotely position the electronic ballast.
  • Weight: 3 kg .
  • Size (width x length x height): 225 x 268,5 x 65 mm.
  • The D30-47 is a variable wide angle profile spotlight, equipped with 2 individually adjustable zoom lenses. It provides a sharp or soft-edged beam over a very useful range of 30° to 47°. The use of high quality condenser optics results into a superior beam quality and very accurate imaging capabilities.
  • Maximum temperature of use: 35 °C.
  • Life Time: 25 000 h.
  • Length of the cable attached to the unit and provided with a multipoint connector: 1,50 m.
  • 30°-47° zoom optics with 2 polished, plano-convex lenses.
  • Condenser lens.
  • Focusing mechanism with smooth control by 2 knobs.