Halogen CYC

ACP 1000

Cyclorama light with asymmetrical reflector for use with gel filter.

Dimensions: 390 x 450 x 230 mm.

Net weight: 5 kg.

The ACP Cyclorama lights features a unique combination of an asymmetrical reflector and 2, highly reflective side mirrors to provide high quality lighting for both studio and stage applications.

These fixtures are ideal for creating an homogenous light level or for stage set lighting, e.g.:

  • vertical, even illumination of cyclorama or horizon screen;
  • diffused back lighting;
  • asymmetrical soft light.

These compact and lightweight luminaires are designed for use with 625 W, 1000 W or 1250 W clear or frosted halogen lamps, and either gel or glass colour filters.

Excellent ventilation by natural convection ensures long life of lamps and filters.

Flexibility is provided by a large choice of single, double, triple or quadruple units assembled in either horizontal, vertical or square formats.

Each combination can be supplied for manual or pole operation.