OCEAN is the new, advanced lighting console, specially designed for Theatre and Opera


  • High resolution compact touch screen, designed to give a clear view of the stage regardless of where the operator is sitting.
  • The 70cm-wide screen viewing area ensures full access to all the functions and parameters.


  • The Ocean is only 816 mm wide and 544 mm deep. It can be placed virtually anywhere, with its conveniently accessible touch screen.


  • 4 Ethernet outputs cut down the use of additional Ethernet switches.
  • Lighting networks, Visualizing Software, back-up consoles and any other devices can now be connected to the Ocean thanks to 4 independent Ethernet outputs.


  • 1 ultra-wide stretched Touch Screen, movable, which could be locked in different positions, up to nearly flat.
  • 18 physical 60 mm Subfaders with Assign key, Start key and Flash button
  • 18 Executor buttons (including Assign key and Start key)
  • 1 Sequential Theatrical Crossfade with 2 physicals 100 mm smooth faders
  • Sequence Playbacks can also be assigned to Subfaders
  • 1 Intensity / Speed control wheel
  • 4 rotary Wheels with Pushbutton function
  • 7 Attribute Group/Palette keys
  • 8 Free assignable keys
  • Channel selection: +, -, Thru, +%, -%, At Level, All and Invert commands
  • Direct Numeric entry for SEQUENCE Times and Special Times
  • RECORD/UPDATE for Presets, Looks, Groups, Palettes with filtered options
  • Licences from 1024 to 32768 DMX CHANNELS
  • 2000 groups
  • 15000 Presets (cues)
  • 1000 looks
  • 24 playbacks
  • 1000 sequences (cue lists)
  • Individual special timed transitions for each parameter
  • 1000 chasers
  • 1000 effect templates
  • 100 dimmer curves
  • 1000 gel strings
  • 16000 palettes (2000 palettes/attribute group)
  • 7 attribute groups
  • 100 instruments layouts
  • 192 virtual submasters (assignable in banks to physical faders)
  • 1000 submasters pages
  • Virtuality unlimited screen’s user layouts (stored to hard drive of control desk)
  • 100 panels
  • Graphical User interface with 2D views (Channel’s layouts) which let the operator working directly on the light plot, with selection options (full mouse support, with extensive and intuitive use of drag’n drop and local menus).
  • Track Window allows editing of cues via Editor for Instrument parameters and intensities.
  • Tracking of all referenced objects such as Presets, Palettes, Groups, color frames and recorded Fader play-backs over the whole show.
  • Cues organization by Free Sequence using Presets as reference, or Cue List.
  • Drag’n drop facilities to copy/paste or move steps (cues) in the sequence.
  • Objects such as Channels, Palettes, and Presets can be dragged and dropped from one place to another, generating very intuitive pop-up menus.
  • Objects such as Channels, Palettes and Presets can be selected and activated directly by finger tap.
  • Each step (cue) can be edited Live or Blind, channel by channel and parameter by parameter for values and crossfade times.
  • Attribute recordings as independent objects in the sequence.
  • 7 basic Palette Attribute’s Groups as : Focus, Color, Beam, Pattern, Extra, All, Dynamics.
  • Reference Palettes and No reference Palettes.
  • Recording possibilities : Direct or Drag’n drop / Filters.
  • Tracking mode for fixture’s parameters with history background, editing and clean-up functions.
  • Extensive Factory Template Library as well as user definable templates with 16 bit resolution for any parameter and intensities.
  • Complete Template builder included, with direct access and live template modifications and check.
  • Replace Fixture function to exchange one device for another one of different type.
  • Play (show) browser allowing offline browsing and editing of shows not currently loaded.
  • 4 DMX512 Outputs (NEUTRIK XLR5 connectors)
  • 1 DMX512 input (NEUTRIK XLR5 connectors)
  • MIDI In/Thru (DIN connectors)
  • SMPTE (JACK connector)
  • Contact closure triggers (on NEUTRIK XLR4 connector)
  • Ethernet switch included, providing 4 NEUTRIK ETHERCON CAT 5 outputs
  • One additional Ethernet output (second Network card)
  • 4 USB ports on the back side (NEUTRIK USB connectors)
  • 1 USB port on the left side
  • 1 USB port on the front side
  • 2 HDMI Video Outputs

Weight: 30 Kg


  • Length 816 mm
  • Height (without the touch screen) 97 mm
  • Depth (without the touch screen)  544 mm