LEXPERT Profile (280W)


The LEXPERT PROFILE is a white LED light able to produce a powerful, high quality light beam. The two versions available in the catalogue have different color temperatures: warm (3200K) or daylight (5600K).

They are built to be modular: the body containing the LED source works together with an optical unit with either a 15°-30° or a 25°-50° zoom. The two zoom modules are perfectly interchangeable with each other.

The Lexpert Profile is equipped with a very versatile dimming system. You can choose between 8 and 16 bit operation on five channels modes, with four preset dimmer curves. Alternatively intensity can be manually adjusted using an easily accessible knob on the back of the unit.
The shaping system consists of four plates, which shape the light beam precisely. The unit also houses a gel holder for inserting color or frost filters, and a pattern holder, or an optional 18-blade iris.
The frequency of this very silent light may be set to between 600 and 4800 Hz and you may choose either DMX512, RDM or ArtNet3 control. The Lexpert Profile is the ideal unit for lighting theatres, TV studios and multifunctional venues.



• Excellent smooth light output
• Interchangeable optical unit
• Two color temperatures: warm white (3200K) or daylight (5600K)
• Powerful, high-quality beam (high CRI)
• Beam shaping system and gobo holder
• Extremely smooth 16-bit dimming
• Strobe effect and gradients effect
• Excellent thermal design
• 4 fan selection: boost, standard, silent, ultra-silent
• Noise: 30 dB @ 1m in standard mode; under 25dB @ 1m in silent mode


• 280W White LEDs

• Zoom option: 15°-30° or 25°-50° (interchangeable)
• CRI: WW≥90; CW≥85

• DMX channels: 1/2/3/4/5, depending on the mode
• Control mode: DMX512, RDM, ArtNet
• Dimming adjustable manually via a rotating button
• Firmware upgrade: update via webpage with RJ45 socket

• Power voltage: AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz
• Power consumption: 382 W
• Protection rating: IP20

Beam 3200K (Warm White)
15° 6423 lux @ 4m (standard mode)
30° 2278 lux @ 4m (standard mode)
25° 2482 lux @ 4m (standard mode)
50° 911 lux @ 4m (standard mode)

Beam 5600K (Daylight)
15° 8452 lux @ 4m (standard mode)
30° 3116 lux @ 4m (standard mode)
25° 3976 lux @ 4m (standard mode)
50° 1209 lux @ 4m (standard mode)

with zoom 25°-50°

16.2 Kg (35.7 lbs)

with zoom 15°-30°

16.8 Kg (37 lbs)

with zoom 25°-50°

809 mm (31.8”) x  290 mm (11.4”) x 225 mm (8.8”)

with brackets: 809 mm (31.8”) x  290 mm (11.4”) x 506 mm (19.9”)

with zoom 15°-30°

918 mm (36.1”) x  290 mm (11.4”) x 225 mm (8.8”)

with brackets: 918 mm (36.1”) x  290 mm (11.4”) x 506 mm (19.9”)