SOFTLUX 440W (discontinued Feb 2018)

SOFTLUX cool lights are intended to provide cool running, continuous lighting, with either Tungsten (3200 °K) or Daylight (5200 °K – 5600 °K) balance, in Film and Studio applications. They range from 110 W to 440 W in various combinations of 55 W fluorescent lamps.

SOFTLUX produces 300 % to 400 % more lumen per Watt than conventional tungsten lamps resulting in less heat emission, less power consumption, more comfort for the subject and a greatly reduced HVAC cost.

SOFTLUX fluorescent lamps will last a minimum of 6000 h, 60 times longer than conventional tungsten or HMI lamps, without degradation and loss of colour balance.

SOFTLUX dimming is through the DMX signal of a lighting console, and/or a local potentiometer.

SOFTLUX combines a specially designed lamp/reflector unit which gives a symmetrical, directional “punchy” light output and allows longer throw or wider spread as required. The simple attachment of a honeycomb screen allows local light control with 20°, 40° or 60° field angle.

SOFTLUX Linear Space Lights
SLW 220 & SLW 440, fitted with 2 or 4 pairs of 55 W lamps mounted side by side with an integral, 4-leaf black barndoor and optional eggcrate, are intended to produce a wide angular light with relatively sharp edges for illuminating areas, walls, groups of artists and even cyclorama.

SOFTLUX combines modern advances in fluorescent lamp technology and electronic control to provide a powerful, flickerfree light source, both flexible and easy to use.

SOFTLUX comes into a very rigid, lightweight aluminium body, slim and rounded for maximum operational safety, with an elegant finish in a dark grey semi-gloss paint. Other colours upon request.

SOFTLUX fixtures are supplied with:

  • a 4-leaf reflective barndoor (SL types);
  • a 4-leaf black barndoor (SLW types);
  • a yoke with central hole Ø 11 mm for DIN Spigot, BS4015 or standard hook clamp;
  • a 2 m power supply cable with open end.

Lamps are not included.