KLEMANTIS: the new CYCLIGHT by ADB, with state-of-the-art LED technology

The new ADB KLEMANTIS is an asymmetric cyclight based on a six-colour LED module, which uses cutting-edge HCR (high colour rendering) LED technology to deliver a wide selection of colours from bold hues to pastel shades.

Thanks to an innovative algorithm, the unit is capable of achieving a stable CRI of over 97 (up to 99), as well as an impressive tunable white light ranging from 2500K to 8000K.

Its light output is enhanced by an innovative optical system, which enables the Klemantis to generate a uniform light with excellent diffusion and perfectly blended colours.

The KLEMANTIS units form a family of fixtures which are designed to be used in linear arrays. The KLEMANTIS AS1000 is fitted with 16 multi-source LED modules and the KLEMANTIS AS500 with 8. They can be used horizontally, vertically, laid on the floor, or hung from above on a bar. The AS500 is particularly suited for lighting cyc corners.

Unlike any other product on the market, the KLEMANTIS can be installed up to 60 cm from the cyclorama.

Main features:

Beam type: asymmetric flood
Very high CRI, > 97 throughout the entire CCT (up to 99)
Tunable white ranging from 2500K to 8000K, with perfect CCT
Tungsten mode, to replicate the behaviour of a tungsten lamp during dimming from 0 to 100% and viceversa, including colour temperature adjustment
Tint correction: +/- green/magenta adjustments
Electronic 16 bit linear dimmer
Exclusive LED module featuring six colours: red, green, blue, cyan, lime and amber
Wide colour gamut and extended spectrum, including deep blue and deep red
Smooth colour transition through different time, cross-fade and path options, and a gamma correction system
Colour control: hue saturation luminosity (HSL), CMY, RGB and RAW modes fully exploit the potential of the six-colour system; wide selection of Digital filters (Colour macros) which reproduce the spectrum of gel filters with tungsten bulbs
High colour stability and accuracy, also in tungsten mode, thanks to a high resolution driver
Colour consistency over time and temperature changes, thanks to combined fixture calibration and a LED ageing compensation algorithm
Fixture to fixture colour repeatability, thanks to tight wavelength binning selection and 100% fixture calibration
Max power consumption: 250W
Control protocols: DMX512, RDM, ArtNet, sACN
Flicker-free, thanks to PWM frequency adjustment from 1 KHz to 50 KHz (10 Hz steps)
LED cooling by natural convection

IMAGO & IMAGO WING: the compact, portable, ergonomic console

Imago and Imago Wing are flexible, professional tools for modern programming. They are compact, lightweight, ergonomic, sophisticated, universal lighting control desks, always at hand, which can be easily carried around in a backpack.

IMAGO is based on a keypad, a sequential crossfade, six Subfaders and six Executor keys with illuminated keys. Because moving lights are central to most of today’s productions, IMAGO comes with four push wheels and dedicated keys, allowing operators to efficiently control fixture parameters. The IMAGO WING completes the Imago family offering, when associated to the Imago, additional control possibilities (18 Subfaders and 18 Executor keys).

The system works with HATHOR software via a USB connection to a PC, with 16,384 parameters via Ethernet.


The Imago system can be used as a complementary controller to all ADB Hathor based consoles or in all applications where you need a powerful main lighting controller. Its compact size and light weight make it ideal for lighting designers who are always on the move.


Thanks to the illuminated keys, all functions, as well as the keypad and the Subfader numbers are easily readable in the dark.



6 physical 60 mm Subfaders with Assign key, Start key and Flash button
6 Executor buttons (including Assign key and Start key)
Loading possibilities: Channels, Groups, Presets, Looks, Chasers and Palettes
1 Sequential Theatrical Crossfade:
– 2 physicals 100 mm smooth faders

– GO / BACK / PAUSE / keys

1 Intensity / Speed control wheel
4 rotary Wheels with Pushbutton function
7 Attribute Group/Palette keys
Virtually unlimited screen’s user layouts
8 Free assignable keys
Channel selection: +, -, Thru, +%, -%, At Level, All and Invert commands
Direct Numeric entry for SEQUENCE Times and Special Times
RECORD/UPDATE for Presets, Looks, Groups, Palettes with filtered options
EDIT key


18 physical Subfaders 60 mm with assign key, Start key and Flash button
18 Executor buttons (Assign key and Start key)
F/B -, F/B+, FB#, DSR, INHIBIT, Flash mode keys
6 Action List keys
6 Free assignable keys


32 Universes: 16,384 outputs / parameters via Ethernet
Available Control Protocols: ARTNET, sACN, Sandnet,
Pathport, Shownet

192 virtual Submasters (assignable in banks to physical
faders) & 1000 Submasters pages
24 Playbacks & 1000 Sequences (“Cuelists”)
Tracking mode for parameters, including automatic
Move In Black, as well as CUE only mode in a very

intuitive way